Friday, March 5, 2010

a bunch of before and after

03-05-2010 019 03-05-2010 047

so do you think i should modge-podge fabric to the top of this table? i am very happy with the way it turned out. one minute i think it needs fabric and the next not. it holds one of the laptops perfect on the bottom.

03-05-2010 020






03-05-2010 057






this is the perfect home for our “new” hamster buddy. bibble  never turned up.  we have no idea where he is.

03-05-2010 021






03-05-2010 063






my pretty little tray from the goodwill store.  i have been messing around with a weathered crackle finish on it. i love when you only pay a $1.00 for something it makes okay to experiment with it.



  1. nice lamp! :) I say no for the fabric. It might look too busy.

  2. i saw the lamp you got and knew i had to have one. still waiting to see your kitchen curtains.

  3. I'm glad they still had one for you. If I need another one, I know where to find it! :) The curtains are finally hung! The rod was kind of hard to hang. LOVE them. Finally!

  4. love it all! especially the tray! I am with Nicki - would probably leave it all black on table - maybe put a piece of fabric on top that you can change out if you don't like it? your craft area looks so nice and neat! If only I could keep my kids out of mine!