Thursday, March 25, 2010

Refinishing a bench

My friend, Amy, introduced me to the Springfield Extravaganze flea market last spring. I guess it comes around twice a year, spring and fall. We feed off each other when it comes to buying trash to turn it into treasure. She got a library bench(I think that is what it's called) at a garage sale and made it a beauty) so I told her we had to find one for me too! We found one at the flea market - priced at $47 and she took $30(not too bad) I painted it, got new foam and fabric for the cushion and I am loving it in the foyer. While I was at it, I painted my coat tree - it was a honey oak color and the black just makes it feel a bit more current! Fun fun! We also got 2 more friends addicted to this - Tara and Jill, aren't you happy we introduced you to this? I even drove Kirk's old red truck(which I think has been deemed "big red" to haul our treasures away in and boy, did it come in handy!)

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