Friday, February 26, 2010

Ikea Love

Went to Ikea on Sunday with the other crafty momma-dangerous with 2 heads thinking as one - we both helped each other drop some $! Anyhow, found some really fun things below!

These are some tealight candle holders - who knew, they even sell jumbo tea lights for the bigger one - fun! My kids love to eat dinner with candles - I think they just really like to blow them out afterwards but anytime we sit down as a family, we usually light candles.

Ikea has some really fun and unique fabric! At $5.99-$8.99/yd and some is upholstery weight- you can't beat it! I was looking at fabric debating whether to buy it to stretch over canvases and then saw that they carry wood frames right by the fabric for $4.99 - it is a set of 4 pieces of wood packaged together and it comes with everything to screw them together and then I wrapped my fabric around and used my staple gun -much quicker than using the little finishing nails they included. LOVE them! Love the fabric - had extra so I stapled them to the back of the frame in the other picture of the shelf. This 5 1/2 ft long wall art all for $30! Frames are 19 1/4 X 19 1/4.

This is a great gift my good friend, Suzy, got me for Christmas, tulip bulbs wrapped all pretty in a pot with instructions to keep them in a cold dark place until the 1st week of Feb and then bring them in and force-bloom them - How pretty when I keep seeing cold, dreary weather outside. You can see just next to them the little glass tealight holders - 50 Cents each at Ikea and if you flip them over, they are candlestick holders!(and her flower pot was from Ikea too!)

Look at this cool thin magnetic board- comes in white, silver and orange(of all colors!) It was $12.99 and I had this ugly phone jack to hide so I just put that up there and look and how clean and black my fridge is now! except for the fingerprints!

Monday, February 15, 2010

sleepover pillow cases

one of the crafts for chloes sleepover party was to decorate pillow cases. i personalized each case with the girls first initial and polka dots. this was my first time cutting fabric with my cricut machine and i was quite giddy with the way they turned out. each girl was then able to decorate them with fabric crayons. the supplies that you will need to make the pillow cases are:
1.cricut machine
2.wonder under
3.spray adhesive
5.pillow cases-washed
6.old cutting mat painters tape
*first iron wonder under to wrong side of fabric. i cut the wonder under to the size of my cricut mat then ironed onto fabric and cut out.

*spray a thin coat of adhesive spray onto old cricut mat. make sure to tape off sides and ends while you spray or it could damage your machine.remove tape before placing fabric on.

*lay your fabric face down on your cricut mat and tape both sides of the mat with the blue painters tape. this will hold your fabric in place. if you dont do this it will shift. take my word.
*cut out your images with your machine. always use a new blade and if your cutting out letters you will need the software to flip your objects to come out the right way.
*just place your cut objects on pillow cases and iron on. dont forget to remove the paper backing.

*i have already washed chloes and it has turned out great.
*hope you enjoy.